Almost done

We are almost done with the magazine! Deadline was pushed three times? I’d say that’s pretty good. My favorite part of the magazine is the pull quotes that Richie designed. I’m glad it’s almost over. I wish I gave all this more effort. I really liked the team. It could have been more awesome. regret….





For my multi-media I think I’ll make a slide show of another event hosted by Machine Project,¬†WE PUT A SPELL ON YOU: A WITCHES CABARET. According to their website, this event will feature musical performances and magic tricks. Should be fun!

Writing the story

Finally got three sources! Doing the bare minimum.

Josh and I attended Les Miserables, a stand up comedy event, on Friday. Hitting it close to deadline. I regret not taking this project too seriously because I think pictures of the floating library might have been more interesting.


Oh well, now to maybe type up the story.

Extra credit post

Because I’m such a sucker for that.


Mark was telling me about a restaurant in Pittsburgh, The Conflict Kitchen, that only serves two kinds of food at a time–and it’s always from two countries that are at odds with each other. The recent theme is Iran and the U.S. Interesting combination.

Machine Project is working with filmmakers from Iran to make a short film that details the discrepancies and miscommunication between these two countries.